Make no doubt about it landing a job, whether it be on a graduate scheme or with a smaller financial institution or a Vendor company, is a learned skill!

You can have great A levels, be at solid university, on track for a high degree grade but that is not going to get a job. What you are going to need additionally is a very well written CV showing a lot of achievement and at the same time some humility with sufficient ‘hooks’ on the CV to make the Hiring Manager think “I’d like to find out more about this guy / girl”. You also going to need a Covering Letter written in distinct format that differentiates you from all the other great CVs out there.

You are also going need to know what to expect of online tests, how to handle a telephone interview which is quite different to a face-to-face interview. When it comes to the latter you need to be ready for the obvious 10-15 questions that you are going to get and, in cricketing terms, ‘knocking the ball for 6’ with your responses! You also need to know how to pro-actively follow up that interview as well as be ready for the rigours of Assessment Centre days.

Individuals are not born with these skills. As a graduate how can you possibly know all this .The problem is you haven’t got 5 years (considerably more in my case) to master this as you have to perform now.

Opening City Doors ADVICE section covers all of these areas.

Good luck.

Paul McCormick

Founder Opening City Doors